Academy of Our Lady of Peace: ART 1 & 2

The Academy of Our Lady of Peace (OLP) has been faithfully serving the families of San Diego and its surrounding county. Inspired by the charisms of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, students at OLP are challenged to become academic, social, and spiritual leaders of the CSJ mission. We ensure that women find their voice and are given the skills to compete at all levels regardless of what their career and aspirations might be.

Art I and 2 are introductory courses designed for students grades 9-12 the fundamental Elements of Art: line, shape, form, space, value, color, and texture. The course also teaches students the Principles of Design: movement, balance, proportion, variety, emphasis and unity. Building on the fundamental Elements of Art and Principals of Design learned in Art I, Art II will place more emphasis on a variety of media.  

Learning New ways of Mark Making  Students focus on new skills in drawing, Gesture, Blind Contour, and using Contour Lines using traditional as well as non traditional drawing media.  


Project 1: Bones Drawing On black drawing paper, you will complete a refined line contour drawing using white conte pencil. Your subject? Bones! While you will be utilizing the elements of line, shape and space to complete your drawing, emphasis should be placed on the quality of your line with the added consideration of value.

Art History: Critical Comparison Report  Student compare and contrast two historical art movements, highlighting key figures, characteristics, and elements and principles used in each movement.   

Click this link to to see a student work!

Project 2: Still Life Drawing  Student show mastery of shading to create value, perspective drawing, or she creates clean symmetry with the still life objects.

Project 3: Matisse Murals   Assignment gives students the opportunity to design a mural based on music using a cut paper collage.  Students created perspective drawings of the location of their murals and we used a digital projector to simulate them during an opening night of a school play! 

Project 4: Monochromatic Paintings   Students use a xerox of a impressionist painting as inspiration for a monochromatic painting that uses a broad range of tints and shades.   

Project 5: Monochromatic Paintings with a message  Students choose their own image and build on prior experience with painting to create a piece with a social message.    

Sketchbooks  Students work throughout the year building drawing skills in their sketchbooks.      

Art History: Female Artist Critical Comparison Report  Student compare and contrast two female artists, highlighting key characteristics of each off their works, how they contributed to art movement, and elements and principles used in each artists work.

Click this link to see a student work!  

Project 6: Scratchboard  With a focus on the principles of design, pattern and movement, students use a subtractive process of creating images on scratchboard.      

Project 7: Cardboard Lamps  Students worked in groups to design a lamp wising cardboard, paper, and a light from Ikea.  They used existing a variety of three dimensional construction methods including, lamination, half lap joinery, folding systems, and tongue and groove.  

Project 8: Pile it on!  Students use found imagery and drawing to create collages with meaning, translucency and depth.  

Project 9: Personal Series  Students were given to choice to go back to a previous project to continue in a personal series.  The choices included; monochromatic paintings, collage, 3D fantasy creature, create a homage to a female artist, or 500 drawings.