2010 • Project Network
Guldagergaard Ceramic Research Center
Skaelskor, Denmark

Project Network is a six-week symposium for recent graduates held every year at Guldagergaard. The aim of the project is to give the participants the opportunity to create a network and dialogue within the same generation of ceramic artists. The project promotes international exchange and investigation into the future development of the ceramic arts.

The work I made in Denmark was the first time I attempted to create functional pottery.  I combined slip cast disposables with pinch pots to create double walled vessels.  I was inspired to stain my clay blue, due to the wide variety of blue and white ceramics of northern europe, and the industrial design aesthetics of Denmark.  

Looking out my window in Denmark felt like living in a Hans Cristian Andersen fairytale for ceramic artists.  We lived in a castle in a fishing village, worked in an old barn, and cooked dinner for each other every night.  The Americans and I made everyone a traditional American Thanksgiving they will never forget.  The artists I lived with were Danish, English, Swedish, American, Icelandic, Syrian, and Japanese, they were so talented and they helped me see my work in completely different ways.  

A few blocks from the Guldagergaard Ceramic Research Center, is the most amazing thrift store, called a second hand shop, in Denmark.  It was full of the most amazing kitsch, I  found so much inspiration there.  Before I left I "donated" a few pieces of my work in the shop.  The women who owned the shop, smoked like chimneys, so I made an ash tray for them to enjoy. 


When I moved to Skaelskor, Denmark I couldn't help but notice all the piles of dog poo on our way to the grocery store.   It seemed like nobody cleaned up after their dogs, which was highly ironic to me because everything in Denmark was so clean.  I thought that I could call attention to the problem by making my own "blue-poo" and placing a danish flag in it.  The Danes thought it was hilarious.