My approach to teaching is an extension of my approach to making.  That the objects students’ produce can become an extension of their thoughts and experience.  I want to provide art students with an understanding that their technical skills and their design choices should work in support their ideas in order for their work to resonate in the minds of their viewers.

Clay is an amazing material, because of its fluid to concrete nature, I relate to it as drawing three dimensionally.  Once craft techniques are grasped, a student can construct anything imaginable.  Through the process of making work, concentrating on technique, problem solving, and critically analyzing results students learn the focus of craft.  

During class time I demonstrate a wide variety of techniques while providing a fundamental understanding of the characteristics of ceramic materials through geology, chemistry, and physics.  I pair each technique with a conceptual assignment that I explain using art theories and examples of contemporary, modern, and historical artworks.

The courses I have developed require researching artists as a starting point to connect craft with concept.  Critical discussions in process are implemented to further explain to students how craft supports content.  By helping students to develop their personal language for materials, imagery, and ideas, students will gain a better understanding in what motivates them to make art. 

I am committed to teaching health, safety, and helping others.  Theses values come from 14 summers serving the public as an ocean lifeguard.  This experience has afforded me the skills to communicate with a broad spectrum of people.  I thrive in diverse communities, teaching students who range in age, culture, economic status, including those with physical and mental learning disabilities.

What I enjoy about ceramics studios is they naturally foster community through the love of putting our hands in clay.  I want my students to walk away from my class with a better understanding of themselves, their abilities, and to gain an appreciation for the history, chemistry, and art of ceramics.